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Genesis CancerCare QLD staff and patient

Genesis CancerCare Queensland employs a highly skilled multidisciplinary team that consists of radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, radiation oncology medical physicists, radiation oncology nurses and administration staff.

A radiation oncologist is a specialist-trained doctor who oversees the provision of radiation therapy. They are responsible for assessing your condition, prescribing your treatment, monitoring its delivery and providing you with related medical care. The Radiation Oncologist works with you, other team members and external health care providers to design and direct your cancer management plan.

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A radiation therapist is a registered and licensed allied health professional responsible for configuring the method of radiation dose delivery and administering treatment as prescribed by a radiation oncologist. Radiation therapists usually work in teams under the direction of your radiation oncologist to perform your CT simulation, dosimetry, treatment delivery and its quality assurance.

A radiation oncology medical physicist is a health scientist whose primary role is to ensure the safe and accurate delivery of radiation by actively monitoring and maintaining equipment used in clinical practice. They may be called upon to verify complex dosimetry, develop quality control programs and provide expertise to staff concerning the application of treatment techniques. Radiation oncology medical physicists also are directly involved in the delivery of brachytherapy procedures.

A radiation oncology nurse is a registered nurse who specialises in the provision of radiation oncology care essential for maintaining the well being of cancer patients. They work closely with other members of your radiation oncology team to deliver evidence based care to support you, your family and carers during your radiation treatment. Your radiation oncology nurse will provide assessment, education, clinical care and follow up to help you manage any side effects you may experience.

Genesis CancerCare Queensland's administration / patient service team includes medical receptionists, finance personnel, IT technicians and patient support staff. They assist radiation oncologists and patients with operational activities such as appointment bookings, Medicare and account enquiries, transport logistics and treatment access.

The administration/patient service team help to coordinate your care and collect information required for your radiation treatment.

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