Prostate Cancer focus for Brisbane GP’s

The Wesley Hospital hosted the annual Men’s Health ALM meeting on Saturday. Genesis CancerCare Radiation Oncologist Dr James MacKean provided an update on the latest technologies in Radiation Therapy treatment for Prostate Cancer.

There was a large emphasis from all presenters including Dr Troy Gianduzzo and Dr Michael Gillman on the multi-disciplinary approach to Prostate Cancer at The Wesley Hospital. Genesis CancerCare Radiation Oncologists all participate in Multi-Disciplinary Meetings each week to discuss patient treatment plans to ensure high quality patient care.

Dr MacKean was supported by Referrer Engagement Manager Beverley Blakeway and Brachytherapy Services Manager Candice Deans.

news prostate event 1

Pictured: Dr Michael Gillman and Dr James MacKean

news prostate event 2

Dr James Mackean Presenting on Prostate Cancer

news prostate event 3

Dr James Mackean receiving a round of applause for his presentation

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Brachytherapy Services Manager Candice Deans and Urologist Dr Troy Gianduzzo

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Referrer Relationship Manager Beverley Blakeway and Candice Deans

Breast Cancer Nurses education event

news breast cancer nurses event

Genesis CancerCare QLD was proud to host a Breast care nurse education event on Saturday 18th November at our Chermside centre. An invitation was extended to the QLD McGrath Nurses and Breast care nurses from both public and private sector in Brisbane. The event was well attended even though the weather proved rather inclement.

Speakers included Drs Minjae Lah and Furniss ( GensisCare Radiation Oncologists), Dr Marie Colossimo (Medical Oncologist), Dr Mathew Peters (RBWH and Valley Plastics) and Janine Porter-Steele (Choices Program Wesley).

The day proved to be both fun and informative and we look forward to hosting future events for our QLD Breast Care nurses.

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GenesisCare staff Walk4BrainCancer

GenesisCare Queensland staff walked, this October, to raise money in support of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and the Newro Foundation.

Walk4BrainCancer is a series of walks across Australia creating awareness and raising much needed funds for brain cancer research.

The crowd wore a sea of bright purple ‘Walk4BrainCancer’ t-shirts, and walked together as a community with their kids, wheelchairs, prams and dogs. So far almost $160,000 has been raised in QLD and $1.6 million dollars has been raised from national ‘Walk 4 Brain Cancer’ events this year.

GenesisCare staff who came out to support the walk included Drs Marie Burke, David Schlect and Tuan Ha together with Andrew, Yurissa, Jo, Andrea, Rhianna, Kelli, Di, Corinnne, Jess, Bev and their families including four legged friends.

news walk 1

news walk 2 

 news walk 3

 news walk 4

 news walk 5

Single fraction stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) now available on the Gold Coast

Genesis Cancer Care Southport recently hosted an information evening to showcase their new Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) program for treating brain lesions. This event was an opportunity for our referrers to experience first-hand how this treatment is delivered. This treatment, previously available only in Brisbane, is now available to patients who live in and around the Gold Coast.

Genesis CancerCare patients can look forward to local access to cutting edge technology, reduced treatment times and fewer side effects including headaches, hair loss and minimised radiation therapy doses to healthy parts of the brain.

Find out more about this world-class treatment call us 07 5552 1400
Dr Natalia Mitina RO led the clinical team introducing this technology and seen demonstrating the technique for fitting a mask are specialists SRS RTs Yurissa Ikeda and Andrea Cracknell. In addition to presentations from Dr Natalia Mitina and Dr David Schlect, Ben Kennedy-Qscan and Jess Turley-BrainLab

news Treatment Room

Dr Chris Schwindack generously volunteered to have a treatment mask fitted on the night and Yurissa Ikeda is seen demonstrating this process. Dr Schwindack is happy to be able to share this experience with his patients.

 Mask setup

Cutting edge treatment for Brain Tumours – launch event

Genesis CancerCare QLD recently showcased a new technology that allows simultaneous treatment of up to ten brain tumours in 30 minutes for the first time in Queensland. This launch event, held at the Wesley Centre in Brisbane, was an opportunity for surgeons and oncologists to experience first-hand how Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) and Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT) are administered using the new technology. Patients can look forward to reduced treatment times and minimised radiation therapy doses to healthy parts of the brain.

Radiation Oncologists Dr David Schlect and Dr Nicola Lowrey, together with specialist SRS radiation therapists Jo Mitchell, Yurissa Ikeda and Andrea Cracknell led the team that launched this new technology.

Find out more about this world-class treatment call us 07 3377 4200

news GCC team event 1

 News Andrea and Yurissa

Dr Hamish Alexander generously volunteered to have a treatment mask fitted on the night and Andrea Cracknell and Yurissa Ikeda were on hand to demonstrate this process.

Celebrating our Radiation Therapist and Medical Physics Teams

Rt and Phys photo

This week we celebrated Radiation Therapist Week and Medical Physicist Day! Radiation Therapy is delivered by a team of highly trained health professionals so we recognised integral parts of the team this week.

Behind the scenes are a team of Medical Physicists that ensure the radiation delivered to patients is safe and accurate. They commission and monitor radiation delivery devices including linear accelerators, CT simulators and brachytherapy after loaders. They are an essential part of the team responsible for high quality and precise implementation of new technologies and techniques.

Radiation Therapists not only deliver radiation treatment but also simulate and plan radiation doses. This involves the manipulation of sophisticated software to design radiation doses in accordance to a radiation prescription, ensuring the best outcomes for our patients. This role combines quality patient care with highly technical skills to deliver radiation treatment.

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