Celebrating our Radiation Therapist and Medical Physics Teams

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This week we celebrated Radiation Therapist Week and Medical Physicist Day! Radiation Therapy is delivered by a team of highly trained health professionals so we recognised integral parts of the team this week.

Behind the scenes are a team of Medical Physicists that ensure the radiation delivered to patients is safe and accurate. They commission and monitor radiation delivery devices including linear accelerators, CT simulators and brachytherapy after loaders. They are an essential part of the team responsible for high quality and precise implementation of new technologies and techniques.

Radiation Therapists not only deliver radiation treatment but also simulate and plan radiation doses. This involves the manipulation of sophisticated software to design radiation doses in accordance to a radiation prescription, ensuring the best outcomes for our patients. This role combines quality patient care with highly technical skills to deliver radiation treatment.

A lesson in perseverance reaps results

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Dr Art Kaminski and Steven Bradbury reliving the 1994 Winter Olympics where Art was a spectator and Steven won his first Olympic medal - it would take him almost another decade of dedication before he ultimately claimed gold in 2002.

On November 4th Dr Art Kaminski attended the Annual Cancer Australia fundraising event. This was yet another successful evening, raising the profile of cancer related research, and conveyed the progress made by investigators across Australia over the past five decades the organisation has existed. Olympian Steven Bradbury emphasised the benefits of perseverance over a long time in order to achieve a long term goal, whether that be winning a gold medal or making a breakthrough in cancer research. Genesis CancerCare prides itself on being involved in cancer research and welcomes support of its Research Foundation. For enquiries please call 3326 9511.

Supporting breast cancer clinical trials

Learn why our research leader for NSW supports breast cancer clinical trials. If you would like to know more about clinical trials, speak to your doctor or ask to speak to one of our research nurses.

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Empowering a new generation of medical physicists

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Cameron Challens far right leading the site tour of the GenesisCare Rockhampton Centre

Radiation oncology medical physicists are often the hidden element to cancer treatment. Medical physicists create, implement and monitor the procedures which allow the best treatment options using radiation, they consider the protection and safety of patients and others involved in the treatment process.

Our Rockhampton physics team headed up by Cameron Challens hosted a careers day for Year 12 physics students from Heights College yesterday. Physicists are in high demand world-wide and any shortage of medical physicists means an extensive waiting time for lifesaving cancer treatment.

The site tour allowed the group to see how our team work together to design a personalised treatment plan for each patient. The students were excited to see the human application of being good with numbers. Careers days like this are vital to closing the gap and encouraging physics students to elect medical physics as their career of choice. No physicist means no radiation oncology treatments.

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There were many questions during the site tour and feedback after the event was very positive. Students were comfortable that a career in medical physics would be very safe as they would be the ones monitoring the clinical environment!

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How to look good and feel better

LGFB Volunteers 10102017

A reminder from the Look Good Feel Better team that the final FREE workshop for 2017 will be held on Tuesday, 14 November, 2017 starting at 10.00 am and finishing at 12.30 pm. 

It’s not too late to register so please book today.


All participants need to register for a workshop.

Call 1800 650 960 to register or - visit https://lgfb.org.au/workshop/

For more details – please click here to download invite.

Genesis collaborates with other specialists to manage malignant melanoma

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Dr Art Kaminski and Dr Selena Young at the 9th World Congress on Melanoma

On October 20th, Dr Art Kaminski attended the 2017 World Congress on Melanoma, held at the Brisbane Convention Centre. A highlight of the meeting was a presentation discussing the integration of radiotherapy with emerging immune therapies and the resulting synergistic effects. Of note, GenesisCare submitted a poster presentation emphasising the utility of the recently launched National Dermatology Radiation Oncology Registry.

For enquiries in relation to the management of Melanoma with radiotherapy please contact 3870 4366 for an appointment.

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