The next frontier for SABR lung


Left to right: Dr Sagar Ramani and Mr William Wallace meeting for a follow up appointment one month after receiving SABR treatment for lung cancer.

Physicists, radiation therapists and radiation oncologists from all corners of Australia came together in August to collaborate on our next advancements in stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR) for patients with early lung cancer. SABR is a highly precise technique that delivers a much higher dose of radiation to a tumour over a shorter time period (1 week compared to 6 weeks) than possible through conventional radiation therapy.

Workshop lead, Dr Sagar Ramani, said it was terrific to bring everyone together to share knowledge and expertise about the cutting-edge technique.

“We developed protocols for peripheral lung SABR back in 2014, and SABR lung is now widely available across our network. A year and a half ago we also started talking about how we could approach central lung tumours.

“Historically, treating central lung lesions with SABR was associated with increased toxicity. This meant that either conventional radiation therapy was used, with poorer outcomes, or in some cases patients couldn’t access treatment at all.

“Thankfully, we are now seeing results of a new clinical trial (RTOG 0813) presented at ASTRO last year and reports from groups like MD Anderson and VU university Amsterdam which show, that with careful planning, it is possible to deliver positive outcomes with SABR for central lung tumours, with less toxicity compared to older reports. Our high-end equipment gives us the capacity to treat these kinds of patients. Our workshop in August was about collaborating to work through how patients were carefully selected; targets and other organs mapped; treatment was planned; safety features including quality assurance; how to capture data on outcomes; credentialing and finalising a protocol for central lung SABR.

“We are very fortunate to be surrounded by so many passionate team members who have contributed to problem solving around SABR, as we strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.”

Dr Ramani said he hopes that we’ll see SABR delivered to more complex lung cancer patients across the network in the next 12 months.

Show your true colours

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The Chermside crew wore their team’s colours today with pride. Thanks to everyone who participated and may the best team win!

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The power of three

GCC qld power of three

Left to right: Shadi Khoei, Emma Spelleken & Holly Stephens.

Three out of three of our medical physics registrars’ (trainees) have had their abstracts accepted for poster/oral presentations at Australia’s National Medical Physics Conference; “EPSM” (Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine) 2017. The conference will be held in Hobart in November.

This is a big achievement because it is rare for a radiation oncology centre to have several registrars. It is even rarer for more than one registrar to have research work worth submitting to the national meeting, and it is very rare for multiple abstracts from the same department to be accepted.

Abstracts listed below:

  • Shadi’s abstract described a method for obtaining accurate measurements in the small radiation fields that are used when delivering stereotactic radiosurgery treatments to brain cancers.
  • Emma’s abstract provided an independent re-evaluation of several published methods for using film to measure two-dimensional radiation dose distributions, which are needed for checking VMAT (especially SABR) treatments.
  • Holly’s abstract described a preliminary investigation into the use of HDR brachytherapy to treat BCC/SCC skin cancers around the eye, which are very hard to treat using other methods.

    Congratulations to our physicists, well done! We thank you for your dedication and commitment. Looking forward to sharing more photos after the conference.

New Oncology service gives Gympie cancer patients support close to home

St Vincent Cancer Care 7

A new comprehensive cancer care service is now available at Gympie Private Hospital. The team comprising Radiation Oncologist - Dr Olivia Bigault and Medical Oncologist - Dr Hong Shue bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure Gympie patients receive specialist care close to home. The team provides all patients with streamlined access to expert multidisciplinary oncology care. GenesisCare and Sunshine Coast Haematology and Oncology Centre are pleased to offer this new service to the local community.

To book an appointment with Dr Bigault please call 07 5345 8900 and to make an appointment with Dr Shue please call 07 5479 0000.

For more details - please click here to download flyer.

Shining a light on Skin Cancer at the Skin Cancer Summit and Masterclass

conference montage

L-R: Candice Deans Brachytherapy Services Manager and Dr Minjae Lah Radiation Oncologist presenting at the Summit and with some GP attendees

Brisbane hosted the national 2017 Skin Cancer Summit and Masterclass with 4 days of lectures and classes on skin cancer prevention and management. Over 300 GP’s from across the country were in attendance to learn about the latest techniques on managing skin cancer.

Dr Lah and Candice Deans presented Radiation Therapy: Misunderstood and Under-utilised which was well received by the conference attendees. They presented on techniques for treating skin cancer like High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Valencia applicator and Volumetric Arc Therapy delivered by our state of the art TrueBeam linear accelerators. By using real patient case studies, Minjae and Candice were able to clarify for GP’s what patients can be treated with Radiation Therapy. A referral can be made to see a Radiation Oncologist by your local GP.

Queensland sadly holds the title of ‘Skin cancer capital of the World’ with more than 3600 Queenslanders diagnosed with melanoma and over 350000 non-melanoma cancers treated. Radiation Therapy is a localised treatment for skin cancers that damages the cancer cells so they cannot grow and multiply.


Look Good Feel Better Wesley Workshop - Tuesday, September 12


You are invited to bring colour back into your life by booking your FREE workshop today.

In just over two hours LGFB will offer you skincare, make-up and headwear tips and tricks to help you face your cancer with confidence.

Tuesday, September 12 – 10.00am to 12.30pm


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