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article thumbnailGenesis CancerCare Radiation Oncologist Dr David Schlect takes Hope to New York For more information on the AMA Queensland Annual Conference New York from 20-26 September 2015 and to register go to: To view the full article, click on the image above or Download as a...
article thumbnailOur specialist team would like to invite you to the launch of Genesis CancerCare Wesley. Genesis CancerCare Queensland would like to invite you to the official launch of our newly refurbished Wesley radiation oncology centre. The event will showcase our enhanced radiation therapy services and our...
article thumbnailRadiation therapy like all areas of medicine, has been advanced by research. Without it many of the technologies and treatments we use to combat cancer today would not have been possible. In recognition of the significant role research plays in oncology, Genesis CancerCare Queensland has...
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    Genesis Logo Small.pngGenesisCare is Australia’s leading provider of radiation oncology, cardiology and sleep treatments. We exist to fill the treatment gap for the biggest disease burdens in Australia - cancer and cardiovascular disease - in an environment of substantial unmet demand from an ageing population. Click here to learn more

    What is Radiotherapy?


    Radiotherapy is a localised form of treatment. Most side effects are directly related to the area being irradiated. The severity and duration of these effects are not only dependant on dose, but also the patient's general health. Read more